Cash Wagon Review

Cash Wagon Review

Cash Wagon is a top leading company in the Philippines and other developing countries in Southeast Asia. It claims to offer the fastest withdrawal services. This means that the processing of loans happens very fast and it is convenient for the user. In this article, we have explained in detail whether this cash loan provider is worth it or not. Go through the article until the last word to understand if this company is worth your time and effort.

Top Highlights

Loan Amount: 2000₱ to 20000₱

Rate of interest: 3% to 8% per month

Age criteria: 22 to 60 years old

Approval time: Up to 1 hour

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars


Here are the features of this company which makes it unique and impressive.

  1. It offers a higher percentage of loan approval.
  2. It offers an easy and convenient application procedure.
  3. It doesn’t require you to submit proof of income to get the loan.
  4. It lets you make the payment through an app.
  5. There are no hidden charges or additional payments involved.

User reviews

Cash Wagon is one of the most preferred loan providers in the Philippines. A lot of people use it to fulfill their urgent financial needs. We did some research on where this company stands on the spectrum of loan companies in the country and found that it is one of the most popular ones among the others. Here is what a user of this service had to say about their app on Playstore.

tala review

Is it legit?

It is on the list of registered organizations on the Securities and Exchange Commission website, which means it is permitted to perform lending activities in the Philippines, has undergone all the necessary government inspections, and is a reliable lender.

What do we think about this company?

Cash Wagon is one of the fastest-growing loan companies in the Philippines and other regions of Southeast Asia. the reason for its fast growth is its ease of use for applicants and straightforward terms and conditions. The policies of this company are transparent and reasonable. Hence, this is a company that is worth your trust and time.


Getting out of a bad financial situation is not very difficult these days. When you are aware of the right resources to get loans from, you can take yourself out of any kind of financial situation. With this company, you can overcome your money-related hurdles instantly. All you have to do is visit their website and fill up an online form. Before that, you will have to make sure that read the instructions and understand how to apply and other details related to the application of the loan. If you have any questions related to any loan company you want to apply, reach out to us through our contact page. We will do our best to answer your queries and clear your doubts.


This review is completely based on research done by our team. We are not affiliated with this Cash Wagon. All the information you get here is a result of our research and reviews from real users who have used this platform for getting a loan.

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