Best Online Loan Companies In The Philippines

Online cash loans are loans that you can apply for on the internet. This kind of a loan is more convenient than regular bank loans. There are a lot of companies these days that provide online money lending services. You may refer to these companies as FinTech companies or Microfinance companies. Getting loans from these online companies is easier and faster. The only catch here is that the interest rates may be comparatively higher compared to bank loans. However, it serves the purpose of quick loans and therefore it is worth that higher interest.

With that said, let’s get into the details of online lending companies in the Philippines and find out which ones are the best ones.

Note: This is not a ranking list and the listing is completely based on research by our team. We are NOT affiliated with any of these companies.

1. Online Loans Pilipinas


Online Loans Pilipinas

The first one in our list of online loan companies is a company that has been into the business for quite some time. The company is based in the Philippines and claims to provide fast and easy financing solutions to Filipinos. You can apply for a loan directly from their website. Once you fillup the form on their website and submit it, the application gets processed in about 1-2 working days.

Loan Amount: 1000₱ to 20000₱

Rate of interest: 1% per day

Age Criteria: 22 to 60 years old

2. Cashcat


Cashcat provides instant loan comparison after a preliminary review of your application process. The process is quick and easy. You can apply for a quick loan right from their website. You have to fill in a simple form with all the details about yourself and your income. If your profile matches their approval criteria, your loan gets approved.

Loan Amount: 1000₱ to 10000₱

Rate of interest: 0.5% per day

Age Criteria: 21 to 50 years old

3. Cash Wagon

Cash Wagon

Cash Wagon or Green Money Three Lending Corp. is one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in South-east Asia. With its market spreading across countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Malaysia, this online lending company is one of the most trusted ones in the Philippines. With this company, it has been found that the process of processing the loan application and disbursing the money takes less than a day.

Loan Amount: 2000₱ to 20000₱

Rate of interest: 3% to 8% per month

Age criteria: 22 to 60 years old

4. Moneycat


Moneycat is a large finance corporation that offers reliable loan schemes for various financial situations. The company operates in the Philippines and it has been registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The process of loan application on Moneycat is simple. You can apply for a quick loan on their website or their Android App.

Loan Amount: 1000₱ to 20000₱

Rate of interest: 11.9% per month

Age criteria: 22 to 60 years old

5. Robocash

This is one of the most trusted online loan providers for citizens of the Philippines. It is suited for people from all walks of life. To apply for a loan from Robocash, all you need is a computer or a smartphone and a good internet connection. The company is known for having a much higher rate of loan approval than its rivals.

Loan Amount: 1000₱ to 25000₱

Rate of interest: 11.9% per month

Age criteria: 21 to 70 years old

6. Pera247 Lending Corporation

Pera247 Lending Corporation

If you want to get a loan approved without much questioning, Pera247 Lending Corporation is the best option for you. All you have to do is fill up the application form on their website and submit it. The whole process is online and you do not have to meet anyone in person. There is even a calculator on their website where you can check the payments on the loan amount.

Loan Amount: 2500₱ to 15000₱

Rate of interest: 0.83% per day

Age criteria: Over 21 years old

7. Easycash 


If you are an individual or a small-sized business, Easycash is a reliable source of quick loans. You can get loans for your various needs from this company. The process of application is easy and convenient even for a first-time applicant. You can apply right from your desktop or smartphone.

Loan Amount: 5000₱ to 10000₱

Rate of interest: 0.8% per day

Age criteria: 21 to 60 years old

8. Tala


With Tala Android App, you can apply for instant loans right from your phone. This is one of the fastest ways to get a loan in the Philippines. The loan approval can be received within a few minutes of applying. The best part is that there is no paperwork required for the whole process. It is as seamless and convenient as you can imagine.

Loan Amount: 10000₱ to 25000₱

Rate of interest: 0.8% per day

Age criteria: 21 to 60 years old

9. MoneyTree Quick Loan

MoneyTree Quick Loan

This online loan provider claims to approve and disburse loans within 48 hours of application. The application process is quite simple and you can do it right from their website. You can choose from a wide category of loans ranging from emergency loans to small personal loans from MoneyTree.

Loan Amount: 2000₱ to 10000₱

Rate of interest: 0.33% per day

Age criteria: Unknown

10. GDFI


Global Dominion Financing Incorporated or GDFI is a large financial corporation in the Philippines. Using the loan services of this company you can get loans for a variety of purposes such as getting a new home, buying a new car, paying for education and a lot more. The company claims to provide loans within 24 hours of application if applied with valid documents.

Loan Amount: 2,000,000 ₱ Max

Rate of interest: 1.25% per day

Age criteria: 21 to 65 years old

That was the list of the top companies which provide quick online loans in the Philippines. In case you want to do further inquiries about a particular company before filling in any form you can do so on this website: This is the official website of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), a Government agency in the Philippines responsible for regulating the securities industry in the Philippines.

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